Introducing the New Dholakia Foundation Management Team: A Promising Era of Philanthropy

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Dholakia Foundation
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June 8, 2023
Introducing the New Dholakia Foundation Management Team: A Promising Era of Philanthropy

The Dholakia Foundation, renowned for its impactful initiatives and unwavering commitment to social causes, has recently undergone a significant transition with the introduction of its new young and dynamic management team. As the torch is passed from the visionary founders and second generation to a fresh lineup of leaders, the foundation is poised to embark on a new era of philanthropy and social transformation.

Get to know more about the new Dholakia Foundation management team and their potential to continue the organization's legacy of making a positive difference from the community to the world.

Keziah Theresse Gerosano - Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Keziah, an honoree for environmental work, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, has assumed the role of CEO for the Dholakia Foundation. Her background includes international climate policy, youth engagement in water and climate, and climate finance in emerging markets, among others.

Being a climate reality leader, Keziah worked with stakeholders from CSO, private and public sector, women, children and youth, and indigenous communities globally on climate finance, gender equality, water, and climate adaptation and mitigation. She has also co-organized and raised funds for notable UN-recognized international conferences including the 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) and the first ever Regional Conference of Youth - Asia and the Pacific.

Founding her first NGO in the Philippines at the age of 18 and as a former CEO of a US-registered charity organization, her passion for empowering marginalized communities and her modern approaches to sustainable development make her a natural fit for leading the foundation into the future.

Keziah will ensure that the foundation's resources are utilized optimally to maximize impact to the community. Her dedication to transparency and accountability will further strengthen the foundation's financial operations, enabling it to scale up its initiatives to involve more partners and stakeholders.

As an accomplished global changemaker working with UN agencies, member states and world experts on Sustainable Development Goals, Keziah looks into increasing the reach of the foundation from the grassroots to the international landscape. With her degree in Political Science, she aspires to forge strategic alliances with like-minded organizations, and individuals to amplify the foundation's impact. Her ability to build meaningful relationships and her commitment to fostering intergenerational collaboration will unlock new opportunities for the foundation's growth and influence.

Dr. Rolando Gaspar Jr. - Vice President (VP)

Next in line, appointed as the Vice President, is Climate Justice Advocate and Youth Development Expert Dr. Gaspar. His solid background in social work and extensive experience in program development is expected to bring a wealth of strategic long term plans to the table.

As the brain behind award-winning Youth Development Programs and Regional Conferences in the Philippines, he will be responsible for overseeing the implementation and management of the foundation's operations and initiatives, integrating innovative solutions as an IT professional.

As an accomplished communications specialist and decade-long journalist leading Media and Communications team in the United Nations conferences, Dr. Gaspar’s credentials in public relations and media management will play a vital role in amplifying the foundation's key messages and its initiatives. Known for effective storytelling and strategic messaging, he will ensure that the foundation's impact is effectively communicated to a global audience, inspiring others to join the cause.

His record in the university as research adviser provides data-driven decision making while his postdoctoral studies centered on Climate Risk Planning for Sustainable Development contributes to an unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable change, which will be instrumental in expanding the foundation's reach and effectiveness.

Along with the power-duo executives are the new Media and Communications Team Vonn Ryan Panares (Multimedia Director) and Paolo de la Torre (Layout and Graphics Artist). Both Vonn and Paolo served the biggest conferences including the UN Climate Change Conference, 2023 UN Water Conference, and Regional Conference of Youth - Asia and the Pacific.

The foundation has also started its hunt for qualified and committed team members to manage the programs and operations. In addition, a pool of industry experts and philanthropists will also be convened and instituted to serve as the foundation’s Advisory Board.

The introduction of the new Dholakia Foundation management team marks an exciting chapter in the organization's journey towards social transformation. The collective vision, expertise, and passion of the new management team composed of young experienced leaders, under the guidance of the foundation's founders including Padma Shri Awardee Savjibhai, will undoubtedly propel the organization to new heights of philanthropic impact towards the international landscape, and inspire others to join in their mission.

Together, they are poised to carry forward the Dholakia Foundation's legacy and make a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities. With a diverse and experienced group of individuals at the helm, the foundation is well-positioned to work on pressing social issues and create meaningful change from India and beyond.

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